The products that Toyokako delivers vary across a number of current technical fields from electronics, communication, and office automation devices to automotive components. There is a consistently fundamental principle as a maker of so-called basic production materials of proposing and producing creative products and responding to feedback about these products. Needless to say we think much of "dialogue between our company and society, and between our products and customers" as a main principle. This is possible only through the support of our proven technology, the encouragement of our talented employees and the establishment of a complete quality control system. In the production field, we have established the TTS company group and developed a flexible but consistent production system that is capable of creating accurate metal molds, and assembling parts or units. More and more engineering plastics are required for high accuracy, multiple functions, and high reliability. Toyokako is extending its repertoire through our flare for creativity.
Human beings never stop searching for the mysterious and unknown. Therefore, they discovered fire, used tools, developed advanced civilisations, and created new substances, technologies, and values throughout history. In the present age, a maker is surrounded by a highly technological and information oriented society. The economic and industrial structure of this society changes rapidly and it has been difficult for conventional company systems to cope with these new and complicated needs. Certainly new values are required for producing goods in the 21st century. Toyokako thinks that the key for the company is the merging of the infinite flow of both hardware and software in organizations, developments, productions, and markets. Also, what supports this motivating power is the concentration of creative minds sensitive to the times and the construction of a flexible company system.

A human being is a body consisting of seven trillion cells. These cells communicate with each other and the combination forms a beautiful network, just like an orchestra. Engineering plastics can be seen as the "cells of the next generation." When one of the "cells" is used in a product, it is a harbinger of the next generation, leading to a harmony of prosperity. Toyokako has come to grips with the principles of engineering plastic at the early stages and focused on its extraordinary properties. We hope to continue moving towards the new technological frontier and gather the company's knowledge and skill to address the advanced needs of the next generation.

The propagation of basic production. The more you pursue the microscopic world, the more the outcome approaches the macrocosmic.
The accuracy of technique is spreading through the high technology field.
It is creative production that supports high quality.

It is said that the development and use of new materials is a key to solving the problems of the future. The number of new materials is increasing day by day and has started to reform industrial technology system by itself. Above all, it is said that the world of high polymers is in a period of a second revolution. Engineering plastics, which were born to replace metals, have a number of special features such as a heat-resistance, dimensional stability, integral molding, and also lightness which metals do not possess. Therefore, there are great expectations for engineering plastics in all industrial fields. Toyokako places the merging of the technology and creative spirit behind engineering plastics in a central position. Toyokako also seeks possibilities for new product developments and materials that may have new value as well as integrating and advancing a network of wide ranging fields such as materials, chemicals, electronics, electricity, and machinery.
Towards the exciting frontier that new materials offer. New materials - in harmony with the times. New materials - raising the flowers of the next generations. Towards a new field of tremendous excitement.

The expansion of activities supported by our past achievements.

The synergy of people, dreams, and technology.
A company with a wide stance creates business developments that lead to the future.
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